Dragon Lore Part 1

As remembered by Leona:

In the misty past, the dragons grew bored with the world. A place where education was abandoned in favour of profit and the various species withdrew to their regions to tend to their trees, or mines, or killing fields, or whatever it is that lesser creatures troubled themselves with in an attempt to gain wealth, which was used to acquire power. Power, of course, is something that the dragons neither lacked nor coveted, unlike the lower life forms. It never occurred to them that their overwhelming arrogance would create the same short-sightedness that was so easily identifiable among the other races. So, the dragons decided to quit the world and sleep until a new dawn arose. While the population was not entirely in agreement with this plan, the vast majority of dragons were willing to commit.

However, the dragons needed a tool to alert them to the coming of the new age. None of the existing humanoid races would suffice as these creatures were crippled by their own petty interests and concerns. So the dragons, in possession of a vast amount of knowledge and magic, decided to create new race, carved in their own image. While in any other society this would be construed as blasphemy, dragons generally don’t hold with the nonsense that is religion, so full of holes and contradictions without a logical system for proving its truth, and dragons are great believers in truth.

Having settled upon creating a new dragon species, the various factions within the larger dragon species lobbied the central dragon legislature to be represented in this new race, the dragonborn. The nominated dragon groups then began the half-magic, half-science process of creating their representatives in the world. While most groups were accepted as genetic donors for the new species, a few groups were denied for various reasons, a lack of appropriate commitment to research, a general lack of intelligence, and a crippling abundance of morality. Generally, dragons see themselves as amoral, above the ethics or lesser creatures, meaning that any strong commitment to a moral viewpoint is perceived as an unacceptable character flaw.

Yet, dragons are a law unto themselves, and the factions that had been denied set about creating their own dragonborn. The arrogance, which may be the only true flaw that afflicts dragons, led that main dragon contingent to believe that the rejected groups would respect their decree. Thus two rival groups of dragonborn were hatched.

Dragon Lore Part 1

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