Inhabitants of Few

The Scarlet Dagger

Vistrum.jpg Vistrum, owner and proprietor of the Scarlet Dagger. Also a contact person for the Thieves Guild in Few.
Molly.png Molly, a barkeep at the Scarlet Dagger. Also a skilled thief and deadly with a blade.

Thieves Guild

Beth_the_Blade.jpg Beth the Blade, talented second-story woman. Currently recuperating from an attack by unknown assailants.
Lord_Marcus.jpg Lord Marcus, eccentric rat-catcher. Also the physician for the Thieves Guild.

The Lord of Few, and Family

Count_Roxley.jpg Count Roxley, an ex-adventurer given a noble title and nominal rule over Few.
Countess_Roxley.jpg Countess Roxley, wife and fellow adventurer to Count Roxley.
Dinah_Roxley.jpg Dinah Roxley, only daughter of the Count and Countess.

And Others

Bramwell.jpg Bramwell, mountain dwarf miner and warrior.
Lieutenant_Rogath.jpg Lieutenant Rogath, hill dwarf town guardsman.
Priestess_Naya.jpg Priestess Naya, green dragonborn priestess of Bahamut.

Inhabitants of Squidge

Bram.jpg Bram, a turnip farmer.
Tura.png Tura, Bram’s daughter.
Bessie.jpg Bessie, Tura’s beloved cow.


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