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The Tyrant is Dead!

For many years, the nation of Martgard was ruled by the iron fist of The Tyrant. The citizens of Martgard thrived, oblivious to the fact that their prosperity was borne on the backs of subjugated vassal states and armies of conscripted slaves.

Eventually, the evils of The Tyrant were brought to light, and he was deposed, slain by his most trusted general at the end of a brief but bloody rebellion.

10 years later, Martgard is still recovering from the effects of civil war. Corris, the capital city, is a swirling den of politics and violence, as nobles, warlords, and powerful merchants struggle for control. The far-flung border towns of the once-powerful nation are in increasing danger, both from neighboring countries once under The Tyrant’s control, and and the roving bands of humanoids and bandits that have appeared to take advantage of the lack of order.

And perhaps most dangerous of all, rumours abound that dark forces are stirring. Some say that the dead walk the earth, rising again to attack the living. A few claim to have witnessed the return of the mighty dracolich Karithrax, laid to rest centuries ago. And, as the skies turn dark and the chill of winter begins to grip the land, you begin to hear whispers that The Tyrant is not as dead as thought…

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Sic Semper Tyrannis iuchiban