Sic Semper Tyrannis

The Story so Far...
And away the fell Dragon...

After meeting up in the town of Few at Locke’s summons, only to find he has no idea what to do next our mighty-fine adventurers Conner, Fera, Leona, and Locke answer the call of Leona’s good friend from the town of Squidge, Tura. She has lost her cow friend, Bessie.

Our heroes travel to Squidge, only minorly inconvenienced by a pack of wolves who decide that Locke is a tasty snack when he completely fails to understand how the outdoors work and moves away from the fire while on watch.

Once in Squidge, the best friends in the whole world meet Bram , a farmer who tells them that many animals have been disappearing over the last few weeks, in ascending order of deliciousness – first same chickens, then some sheep, then at least one cow.

Setting up watch on the hill overlooking the town, the team looks for trouble. In the second part of the night, Fera, Druidic Extraordinaire notices some torch light on the edges of the distant forest. Though held up by her compatriots shocking lack of darkvision and Locke’s highly inconvenient halfling-ism, Fera tracks the light makers into the woods.

At one stage Conner’s RNG Bullshit/Insanity/Super-party-helpful-abilities save the team from being ambushed by… Goblins!

They track the goblins to an ancient Ogrish/Goblin mashup temple-house and Leona resists both being sick due to the smell-taste of goblin and burning them all to cinders when she spots her friend’s friend Bessie! Somehow they manage to talk their way into the Broken-Tooth Tribe’s good graces (there was a dance-off) and set off to help their new friends reclaim their hunting grounds.

(I say “help”. The goblins are doing squat. We are doing te heavy lifting. Hope this doesn’t become a thing.)

We find a massive oak, slay some skellingtons, zork some zombies and overall be generally awesome. Then get shit scared by a giant Bone-Dragon (at least it isn’t spectral?) and level up while quivering in terror. Also we freed some goats, who were not grateful.

What will happen next? What adventures lie ahead for our heroes? Find out next time on the adventures of the mighty Locke Tannen and also some other people!


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