Dragonborn Barbarian


Leona is a dragonborn barbarian who takes her duties to the people she protects extremely seriously. Perhaps too seriously. With plenty of teeth and a fondness for fire and large weapons of all types, she may not be the brightest bulb in the drawer, but she’s certainly the most likely to explode and kill you.

Long ago, or approximately 20 years ago, Leona left her home village to fight in the wars. Whichever wars were going on at that moment, she really just needed an excuse to leave home abruptly and never return. While she begged Sven, her childhood sweetheart to accompany her, he was so horrified by what she had done that he refused and committed his life to repairing the damage.

During the war, Leona taught rural people to take up arms against tyranny and in a particularly successful event, she helped the people of Few liberate themselves from their oppressor. Politics may not be her thing, but Leona hates tyranny, or the “big guy pushing around the little guy” as she would put it. Ironic considering she uses her height advantage to push Locke around when it’s convenient.


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